Follow Your Star Award Recipients​​


  1. "State Street" Steve Downey & Gay Barnett
    April 2017 The Inaugural Co-Recipiants of the Award for living life with pure happiness
  2. Neil Gaiman
    May 2017 A wonderful Author currently seeing "American Gods" becoming a televised series on STARZ
  3. Mark Gubin
    June 2017 Wrote "Welcome to Cleveland big enough on the roof of his Milwaukee, Wi property to mess with airplanes
  4. Jodie Whittaker
    July 2017 The first actress to portray the doctor on "Doctor Who"
  5. Tim Cook
    September 2017 Your Phones Suck
  6. Fear Innes & Thiele
    October 2017 100th Episode Award Podcasters who have been huge influences on This Freakin Show
  7. Travis-T
    November 207 For creating this podcast and pushing to make it more every episode.
  8. Johnny Try Hard (Entropy)
    December 2017 Christmas Special For creating The Theme Song we have used for the last 2 years.


  1. Skype
    January 2018 This award was presented to Skype, for allowing the update to make the program worse. Congrats you crap pile.